At JCHS we celebrate the Jewish culture of questioning and critical thinking. Our students move beyond knowledge and comprehension, asking not only “what?” and “how?” but “why?’ to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize experience with learning. We ask students to embrace critical learning so that they may: engage others in respectful debate, appreciate divergent points of view, and embody what it means to be a global citizen. 

High school is a transformative time filled with exploration; students continue to shape their identities, cultivate new and existing passions, and become more defined versions of themselves. Intellectual inquiry. Aesthetic expression. JCHS encourages students to dive deeper into their learning and become their best selves.

See what makes JCHS extraordinary at one of our Open Houses: October 30 or November 3. You’ll have a chance to experience different classes and hear about programs and departments including Athletics, College and Gap Year Advising, Student Support, Performing Arts, Jewish Studies, Math/Science, Humanities, World Languages, Student Life…and more!

The October 30 Open House is now full. Please email to be added to our waitlist.

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