Celebrating the Class of 2021

Of all the milestones that mark the Senior experience, we know that Commencement ranks among the most important. 

This year’s Commencement ceremony took place in person at the Ellis Street campus on the afternoon of THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 2021.

We will post photos from the event to our FLICKR account as they are made available.

In the mean time, please enjoy the program and videos from the event below!If you have questions about Commencement, please email graduation@jchsofthebay.org.

Graduation 2021 in the News

Siyyum (lit. “completion”) celebrates the end of a significant learning accomplishment.  If Commencement is like a wedding, then Siyyum is like a rehearsal dinner. The JCHS Siyyum takes place on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 2021 and is a longstanding, intimate tradition to celebrate the senior class in their own words and a student-created slideshow.

Senior families and their guests may RSVP via the link sent to you by email. If you have any questions about Siyyum, please email siyyum@jchsofthebay.org.

Photos from Graduation
Golden Gate Bridge Walk 2021

Graduation Playlist
Keystone Logo

Class of 2021

  • Shoshie Alessi: Illuminated Manuscripts as Mechanism of Self-Reflection and Cultural Exchange
  • Roie Arnold: I Love Swings…But Why?
  • Shir Asayag: Places Around The Bay 
  • Ashley Ashkinos: Cy’theron: The Creation of Worlds
  • Max Bamberger: Earned Land? Ownership, Community, Conflict and Dueling Historical Narratives in the Gilo Neighborhood of Jerusalem
  • Eva Baskin: Hula Skirt Traditions, Then and Now
  • Sam Braude: How Music and Cover Art Creates the Musical Experience 
  • Nika Bresker: Helping the Environment Starts with Education
  • David Chan: The Fundamentals of the Internet: Website Building
  • Daniel Diner: How to Go About Learning the Piano
  • Levi Eig: EIG Magazine
  • Reuben Ferris
  • Rachel Freedman
  • Ben Friedman-Hibbs: Dementia: Light at the End of the Tunnel– How to Navigate a Dementia Diagnosis with Compassion
  • David Gabbay-Cohen: Navigating the Pandemic as a Small Business in San Francisco
  • Gabe Geller
  • Michael Goldfeld
  • Felix Gotovskiy: Building Two Computers
  • Julian Handwerker: MinchaMinder: A Prayer App
  • Nathan Hasegawa:  How to Construct a New York Times Crossword Puzzle
  • Rymo Hymowitz: Rymo Magazine
  • Batyah Jasper: Vertical Farming To The Rescue!
  • Laura Jones: Blending into the Shadows: The Work of a Stage Manager
  • Ella Katz: Restaurant Architecture Amidst a Pandemic
  • Jacob Leider: The Art of Origami Folding
  • Zach Leslie: The Future of Psychedelics
  • Simona Lewis: Simona’s Reality: An Analysis of Social Strategy Games
  • Liv Loftus: How a Simple Dish, Fried Chicken, Can Be Influenced by Different Cultures
  • Natalie Lubich: Keeping Russian Jewish Culture Alive
  • Isa Marquez-Klein: Bring Immigrants Relief through Mugs
  • Sarah Offenberg: Self-Care: How to Navigate It
  • Daniel Perlov: The Design and Development of a Trading System using the TradeStation Platform
  • Gaby Ross
  • Benji Sarnovskiy: Dropshipping: What Went Wrong
  • Lola Schnaider: Self and Sustenance
  • Daniel Schneider: Spray Painting Study
  • Sofie Seitel: Social Media: How it Affects College Athletes
  • Annabelle Shapiro: Stories Woven Throughout Time
  • Noa Sharabi: French in 10 Months
  • Aidan Swan: The Influence of Psychological Skills on Golf Performance
  • Sam Swire: How to Argue, Pitch An Idea, and Put it All Together
  • Lael Talmon
  • Ethan Ticktin: Stargazing in the Bay Area
  • Gisele Turchon: How the Pandemic has Affected the Entertainment Industry
  • Sarrah Wilkes: The Realities Behind Making and Recording Music 
  • Emma Yagolnitser: On the Horse’s Terms; A Guide to Liberty Training
  • Jacob Zlot: Education for Now and the Future