May 2, 2022 — Kezar Stadium, San Francisco

There have been a number of sports teams in JCHS history that have won big games, and done very special things, but it would be hard to find a JCHS sports moment that could compete with the unbridaled euphoria that was on display on the Chabot College soccer pitch last night immediately following the Wolves 2-1 OT Penalty Kick upset victory over the Rams of CA Crosspoint. 

This was an opponent (the Rams), that just 6 days ago had easily handed the Wolves a 3-1 defeat in the League Tournament Championship. They had the moxy, the home field advantage, and momentum. But it just wasn’t enough, and certainly not on Yom Ha’atzmaut! Or Shana’s 18th birthday! 

A defensive battle ensued, with both teams digging in their heels, and both having shots thwarted by the respective goalkeepers (more on that later)…and after a scoreless first half, the offenses kicked into gear as the minutes ticked forward, as shot after shot by Crosspoint was crossbarred and rejected by Brianna S, and the Wolves narrowly missing hero shots by Julia K (who had another stellar game). There were collective gasps from the cheering squadron of faithful, and nerves frayed on the pitch. It was, to put things mildly, kind of INTENSE.

So the teams were tied 0-0 after regulation, and again, after two nail biting OT periods. And so, as is the rule (love it or hate it)…the game was to be decided by a penalty kick off (Pks). Whoa!

Each team selects FIVE players to step to the ball, 12 yards from the goal, to try and shoot it past the gatekeeper, aka goalkeeper. (Sidenote: there are a lot of nerves happening here, this challenge is NOT for the faint of heart)

After each team had shot three shots, with no goals, it was down to the final 2 players from each team. (Trust me, at this point, most of the crowd was anxiously pulling their eyebrow hairs out). Next up: Eleeza J. Calm and collected, with a fierce determination and inner confidence, BOOM, back of the net, Wolves up 1-0! Crosspoint player steps to the hash mark, and not surprisingly, evens the count. 1-1. Final JCHS kicker? Anna D. Like a boss, Anna delivers! 2-1 Wolves. Comes down to final kick for Crosspoint…..and…..

And so, the 2022 Girls Soccer Wolves have now officially achieved legendary status and move on to the final game of the season, as far as you can go in Girls Soccer, the North Coast Section Championship game at Kezar on May 17.

But for now, let’s all give it up, a GIANT Mazel Tov, to this team, YOUR league champions and NCS Championship game bound Wolves of JCHS!