Hello JCHS Families! I am Dalia Rotberg, a senior at JCHS. For my Keystone (Senior Research Project) I will be running a children’s fashion show with recycled clothing (that will be donated after the show).

My goals will be to not only show children that clothes can be reused and that fashion is fun, but I want to build confidence in the kids. I will have five classes over the course of a few months, which will all be held at JCHS. These classes will teach them what I am doing, let them pick out their clothes, get introduced to fashion, and most importantly work on confidence. We will learn how to be on a stage in front of people, walk confidently on the runway, and learn how to support each other. They will be able to choose the music they walk to, the clothes they wear, and the poses they do, all for the goal of making them feel comfortable in their skin.


If you have any questions or are interested in signing up, please email me (drotberg2024@jchsofthebay.org).

  • Classes will be twice a month until March.
    • Two classes in January on Thursday at JCHS, at either 4 pm or 5 pm (depending on everyone’s availability).
    • Two classes in February, the first and last week also on Thursday at 4 pm or 5 pm (depending on everyone’s availability).
    • One class in March the second week, and the show the third week of March at JCHS

Thank you and go Wolves!