Beyond the Zoom Glass – March, 2021

Beyond the Zoom Glass is a series of monologues developed from interviews with JCHS students, who spoke frankly about their response to life during the pandemic. The actors perform as fictional characters—not as themselves, but as teenagers whose voices were created through the curation of each unique monologue. Beyond the Zoom Glass is performed live on March 17 as it is streamed through the JCHS social media. 

JCHS Drama Presents:

BEYOND THE ZOOM GLASS: Reflections on Who We Are Now
A Theater Piece Created by JCHS Students

• Livestream performance March 17, 2021 at 7 pm

• Meet the Artists Spatial chat following the show at

THE COMPANY: Shoshanah Alessi, Ashley Ashkinos, Eva Baskin, Anna Dreher, Levi Eig, Zoe Fones, Rachel Haggard, Rachael “Rymo” Hymowitz, Laura Jones, Simona Lewis, Mo Lichaa, Mallie Lifsitz, Nathan Merin, Libby Sealman, Sarrah Wilkes, Emma Yagolnitser, Arianna Zilberleyb, Chanah Zimmerman

Directed by: Anne Marie Ullman

Technical Direction by: Claudio Silva

Featuring visual artwork from Marisa Aragona’s Photography classes, and Jennifer Sturgill’s Materials & Methods and Concepts and Processes classes.

Faculty: Erin Gentry, Natalie Greene, Mary Ellen Hunt, Joe McDonald, Hannah Rosenzweig

Program & Links

BTZG Promo Video

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