JCHS Student Ambassador Vision

To help foster an inclusive, supportive, and engaging atmosphere at JCHS by helping integrate prospective, new and returning students into the JCHS community.

JCHS Student Ambassador Mission

The Student Ambassador mission is to facilitate student involvement and engagement, help to promote our school and enhance the JCHS culture by creating connections between prospective and current students, faculty, and staff in order to maximize the overall JCHS experience.

What is a Student Ambassador? 

A Student Ambassador is a dependable, dynamic, and outgoing individual who serves as the face of JCHS for prospective and new students. Student Ambassadors work closely with the Admissions Department along with faculty. The ambassadors assist in recruiting and connecting new students through events (in person and virtual) and some outreach (mail, text, phone calls, videos, social media, tours, and admission events). The Student Ambassador program provides an excellent opportunity for students who are dedicated to representing JCHS.

Responsibilities of a Student Ambassador:

  • Variable hours, with special scheduling to meet admission event needs (virtual and in-person events and outreach throughout the school year).
  • Attend scheduled team meetings.
  • Attend event planning sessions.
  • Participate in an extensive training session.
  • Brainstorm new ideas to help prospective families connect with JCHS.
  • Assist with admissions recruitment or outreach activities as needed.


Student Ambassadors receive JCHS branded wolf wear. The benefits of being a Student Ambassador also include leadership and networking opportunities. Future letters of recommendation will also be a possibility, dependent upon the performance of the Student Ambassador.


  • Be in good academic and conduct standing.
  • Be dedicated, dependable, positive, and outgoing (people person, easy to talk to).
  • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Be available to plan and participate in trainings and group meetings.
  • Have the ability to speak positively and honestly about JCHS by sharing experiences and answering various questions. 

Interested candidates should apply on or before Friday, September 1, 2023 by completing the JCHS Student Ambassador Application. If you have any questions about the JCHS Student Ambassador Program, please contact Leslie Ticktin, Director of Admissions.