Advancing Professional Growth

Director of Educational Support Yael Krieger reflects on the importance of professional growth in teachers in a new article for eJewishPhilanthropy.

I work at a pluralistic Jewish community high school. I love how we describe our goals for students:

“We want our students to look deeper, to engage meaningfully with the subjects they study. We want them to be unafraid to ask big questions … Deep learning represents learning that is intrinsically motivated and is the result of complex thinking, collaborative practice, integration, and reflection. It is both grounded in concrete knowledge and infinite in application.”

Until recently, I would never have described my own professional learning and the work I do with teachers this way. When it came to professional development, my experience was encountering experts transmitting solutions to the technical problems of teaching. In my role as Director of Educational Support at the Jewish Community High School of the Bay in San Francisco, I was highly attuned to the disconnect between the educational goals for students and the educational goals for teachers. Two years ago, I became a fellow in the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI), and my entire paradigm of what teacher education should look like shifted. 
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