Sophomore Journey to Zion National Park and Las Vegas

Students experience the transformative power of nature by visiting one of the most tremendous and beautiful landscapes in the nation.
JCHS Sophomores continue the four-year journey curriculum with the 10th Grade Journey to Zion National Park: “From the Strip to the Canyons: Discovering Our Authentic Selves in Nature.” They experience not only the joy and community that comes with walking together on trails, but also dive into new challenges: working together as teams to overcome outdoor obstacles, learning to trust senses other than sight, appreciating the stillness and peace that comes with solitude, and embracing the power of “deep silence.”  

JCHS works with Zion Mountaineering School (ZMS), a Utah-based outdoor outfitter as the group hikes, rock climbs, and canyoneers through the canyons surrounding Zion National Park. ZMS is a recipient of the Trip-Advisor certificate of excellence, and their guides have eleven years of experience in leading groups through canyon/rock excursions. Their managers are AMGA Certified Rock Guides. ZMS and JCHS Professional Community members guide students through activities designed to develop knowledge and skills, to open the senses, and to form new friendships and foster grade-wide bonding.

In addition, sophomores learn from their classmates’ wisdom through student-led divrei Torah, daily experiences in Tribe Groups and games that they design and lead. The journey asks our sophomores to reflect on the following essential questions: how can nature help us discover our authentic selves? How does a journey help us remove our masks? What power can an inspiring place have in helping us grow and transform?

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On the Zion Journey, sophomores are using social media for a special project about space and community. First at JCHS, then in Las Vegas and at Zion canyon, students will work in pairs to take photos that complete prompts--a professional community member in their favorite space, a photobomb of someone else's picture, a sacred space, where you find comfort or solace, a group of people collaborating, something truly authentic, something completely artificial. They then post these images on Instagram with the hashtag #utahchavrutah.
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